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Departing from Caudebec, Norman Abbeys, Fecamp, back to Caudebec (10 hours)



The centuries-old abbey of Saint-Wandrille-Rancon

The centuries-old abbey of Saint-Wandrille-Rancon

Opposite Photo : © Abbey of Saint-Wandrille-Rancon



Also known under the name "Fontenelle Abbey", this abbey knew the Vikings invasions, their looting and fires, but it is still there !  And it has reached us in a much better condition than its neighbor, Jumièges Abbey. Because after the Vikings, there were the Wars of Religion, then the unstable period of the French Revolution.

Founded by Benedictine monks in the 7th century, it is still Benedictine monks who perpetuate its existence today.

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The Abbey of Notre-Dame du Pre of Valmont

The Abbey of Notre-Dame du Pre of Valmont

Opposite Photo : © Abbey Notre-Dame du Pre of Valmont



The Notre-Dame du Pre abbey is located south-east of Fecamp, on the banks of the Valmont, a short river that flows into the Channel at Fecamp. Its foundation dates back to the second part of the 12th century, on the initiative of a powerful family in the region, the Estouteville family, who in addition to a place of prayer, also built their necropolis. Like many religious sites in France, the consequences of the French Revolution almost put an end to this place of prayer and reception of the poorest, after 600 years of existence. The site, acquired by individuals at that time, after the dispersion of the religious, was restored to monastic life in 1994, the Benedictines of Notre-Dame du Pre of Lisieux having taken over the premises.


Fecamp, City of the Dukes of Normandy

Fecamp, City of the Dukes of Normandy

Opposite Photo : © Philippe DEVANNE


The port city of Fecamp, on the mouth of the Valmont in the Channel, has several nicknames due to its long history. City of the Dukes of Normandy because the Viking Dynasty installed its duchy there, after having properly burned and looted what was there. To better rebuild over the 300 years that followed.

Fecamp, land of pilgrimage at the time of the Viking Dynasty, since there are the Relics of the Precious Blood discovered in the Abbey of the Holy Trinity. The internal strife which marked the end of the Viking Dynasty having made the cauchois paths unsafe, even dangerous, Mont-Saint-Michel will become the new Norman land of pilgrimage.

Fecamp, the Women City, at the gold age of cod fishing in the Newfoundland (Canada waters) last century, gold age that lasted about 50 years and made Fecamp a top fishing port in France. With its own shipyard !

Fecamp, cradle of a liqueur which gave its name to a flamboyant baroque style palace, the palace of the Benedictine.

To learn more about Fecamp and discover more things to visit, please follow here under tag.


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Other towns that have the same postal code than Caudebec for which this tour / rate is valid :

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